Oxford Surgical Collaborative for Audit and Research

Next Meeting:

7pm-9pm, 29th March 2018, Magdalen College, Oxford

Guest speakers: Prof Doug Altman 

Mr Shaun Appleton
Consultant UGI Surgeon
Buckinghamshire NHS Healthcare Trust
Training Programme Director GS HETV
Mr Keaton Jones
Academic Clinical Fellow
HPB Surgery
The committee
Miss Jennifer Isherwood
Higher Surgical Trainee
Breast Surgery
Vice-Chair OxSCAR and Co-founder

Dr Emanuele Gammeri
Core Surgical Trainee
Core Training Lead
Mr John O'Callaghan
Higher Surgical Trainee
Transplantation Surgery

Mr John Findlay
Higher Surgical Trainee
Upper GI Surgery

The collaboartive is supported by Mr Shaun Appleton and Prof Ashok Handa. The projects are led by trainees and performed by anyone who is keen to get involved. The role of the committee is to facilitate the overall running and maintenance of this platform, formalise quarterly regional projects and link in with the Annual School of Surgery Symposium. 
Miss Kate Harvey
Higher Surgical Trainee
Breast Surgery
Mr Gijs van Boxel
Higher Surgical Trainee 
Upper GI Surgery
OxSCAR Founder
Dr Patrick Holton
Foundation doctor 
Foundation Training Lead
Daniel Jones
Medical Student
Medical Student Lead